Eye of the game

Eye of the Game : The other vision

Eye of the Game is an analysis of the relevant data to decipher the game model of each club, to identify with certainty the strengths and weaknesses of each one, at the service of all actors and observers of football. Far from the masses of statistics that are heavy to interpret, Eye of the Game gives you direct access to the essential information, with the support of the images and the constant support of its team of experts.

  • Watching game models in more than 40 competitions around the world
  • Full analysis of all the clubs and players you are interested in: style of play, strengths and weaknesses, both over a long period of time and depending on the shape of the moment
  • Evidence-based content that values the efficiency and understanding of the game
  • Clear comparison of each team's positives and negatives to know the keys to the match at a glance
  • Permanent availability to meet your specific needs
  • Online access to exclusive subscriber-only information


For clubs
  • Eye of the Game offers you a unique tool on the market with a neutral look that allows you to facilitate and optimize your decision-making
  • Complete diagnostics from your team and direct competitors to help you achieve your goals
  • Detailed analysis that will form the basis of your work in preparing for the upcoming game and the rest of the season
  • Scouting work facilitated by a global view of your opponents' characteristics over short and long periods
  • Many comparisons, both collective and individual, that will give you access to the keys to victory
  • Regularly sending reports and scans to ensure ongoing follow-up
  • Help to prospect new players: based on facts, identification of team needs and search for players who fit them
  • Full analysis of your championship and others, to get to know your team, your opponents and the qualities that lead to victory in your particular own context
  • Information, data and videos that will allow you to respond about your decisions to the players, the media and inside the club
For the media
  • Eye of the Game not only allows you to work faster (including real-time) and better, but also to offer content that sets you apart from the competition
  • Information tailored to the specific needs of all types of media (written or audio-visual, immediate news or in-depth analysis, etc.)
  • Everything you need to prepare for a live broadcast, build the match scenario, make your predictions easier and provide a well-informed presentation to your audience
  • Helping you create articles and stories: information, data and videos that will help you support the relevance of your content
  • Content appropriate to all situations, allowing to feed journalists and social networks, live and between matches
  • Added value, especially with key graphics and infographics
  • Service at all times, including during live
For players' agents
  • Eye of the Game helps you get to know both clubs and players better in order to make transfers beneficial to all parties
  • Essential and exclusive information about a multitude of teams and players (whether or not you have a contract with them)
  • Data that will quickly find the right player for a club or club that needs your player
  • Facts and figures that will serve as irrefutable arguments in your discussions with club leaders
  • Time savings make it easier for you to achieve “perfect marriages” between player and club, and finalize more cases
  • Advanced sports knowledge that will help you build your credibility with clubs and players